June 13, 2005

Who Should You Vote For? And How?

Who Should You Vote For? has another test thing on which style of elctoral reform suits you best. Apparently I should look into Cellular Constituencies and Single Transferable Vote. I don't like andy system that breaks the like between employee (my MP) and employer (me), particually if they mean that the politcals parties gain power at my expense. So the dislike that it shows for Party List systems appears to be accurate.
Who Should You Vote For?

Electoral Reform

Key: FPPTP = First Past the Post; AMS = Additional Member System; SYV = Single Transferable Vote; JAV+ = Jenkins Alternate Vote Plus; PLS = Party List System; CC = Cellular Constituencies. For explanations of these systems, please read the electoral reform FAQ. For more information about electoral reform in general, visit the Electoral Reform Society or Make My Vote Count.

AMS -2
STV 15
JAV+ -14
PLS -9
CC 12

You should support: Single Transferable Vote (STV). STV requires larger constituencies than is currently the case, each electing between 3 and 5 MPs - with parties able to field more than one candidate in a constituency. Voters rank the candidates in order of preference with candidates being elected through a combination of first preference and weighted second/third/fourth etc preference votes. The system delivers a more proportional result, but is complex and still biases against smaller parties and is more likely to deliver multi-party coalition governments.

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